2022-2023 Grand Annual Appeal Announcement

2022-2023 Grand Annual Appeal Announcement

News October 21, 2022

Dear Parishioners,

The Church is entering the final weeks of our liturgical year and, for the most part, the scripture passages we hear at Mass until the Solemnity of Christ the King – the last Sunday of our year – invite us to reflect on our relationship with Jesus. Many of us do something similar toward the end of December when we review the previous 12 months. The New Year resolution and, as Christians during Advent, which is the new liturgical year, a resolve to deepen our relationship with Christ -- both are efforts to change for the better even if we anticipate the related struggles that work to thwart our intentions.

St. Martin de Porres Parish this past year has been alive, active and fruitful with multiple baptisms every month; a flourishing St. Brendan Grammar School with excellent staff; weddings celebrated, and more being scheduled; a dedicated parish staff and committed Deacon; a wonderful relationship with St. John Paul II Catholic Academy; and much more. My resolve as your Pastor in my first year was to witness the life of the parish and find ways to help us grow in Faith and numbers while stabilizing our financial position. Each week the parish bulletin contains useful information about parish life and updates including my Pastor’s Message and statistics such as Mass attendance and our financial position.

I ask for your confidence and support of the parish which is in financial distress as we launch the 2022-2023 Grand Annual Appeal. Last year’s Grand Annual fell well short of the $100,000 goal and we have used nearly all remaining savings to offset the deficit which will force me to request funds from emergency reserves. It is imperative that we increase weekly attendance and offertory and replace the funds used in savings in addition to addressing our churches and facilities that must be repaired and improved. Our deferred maintenance is years overdue and can no longer be ignored.  This Grand Annual Appeal needs to raise at least $350,000 to demonstrate our resolve but millions of dollars are required to repair and grow.

The ongoing relegation process that has been extended by the Cardinal for further input has also contributed to our difficulties and led several parishioners to discontinue financial support. Mass attendance is steady but not growing and we are rapidly depleting our parish savings to offset decreased offertory and overall giving – these are the related struggles that work to thwart our intentions.

Please consider pledging whatever you can give to the Grand Annual Appeal for St. Martin de Porres Parish by placing your check in the offertory basket at Mass or mail it directly to the parish office indicating that your donation is for the Grand Annual. As a reminder, please make all checks payable to St. Martin de Porres Parish. Giving on-line is also a possibility through our website and a way to make your weekly parish offering. Scan the code below with your smartphone to link to the parish Giving page or go to the parish giving page by clicking here.       

Be assured of my prayers for one and all and please pray for me.                  

Sincerely yours in Christ,     

Fr. Chris                                                                                              

Fr. Chris Palladino, JCL