Pastor's Message on Easter Sunday

Pastor's Message on Easter Sunday

News April 16, 2022

Dear Parishioners,

The Lord is risen - Alleluia, Alleluia!

Today our faith draws us together to celebrate who we are --- Christians. We are an Easter people because our Lord and Savior conquered death not only for us who believe in Him but for all. It is our privilege, however, to make the introduction for those we encounter who believe in a Higher Power but still searching for the Name. His Name is Jesus.

For those who mourn the recent loss of a loved one this day is a consolation. For those who seek the answers to life’s twists and turns this day is the starting point. For those in a good place this day is a reassurance. And for those struggling, hungry, frustrated, tired, ill and more this day is hope. We celebrate His nativity while the days are dark, and we rejoice at his Resurrection while the days are long and bright. Please share the dignity and hopeful joy of knowing Him with others – even if it is a stranger.

As a parish we welcome into the full Communion of the Church at the Easter Vigil a young woman who has attended Mass with her family each week. She sought the true meaning of Life and our witness, and her determination helped her discover the Way. His Name is Jesus.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the fruitful celebration of our Holy Week liturgies and for all assisting today. It has been inspirational to have so many younger parishioners sign up to lector and serve these past few weeks – your contributions to the parish draw us all closer together as a family of believers.

The days ahead will be difficult, but my prayer is that we will persevere because our younger parishioners will bring us to unity and peace.

Happy Easter!

Be assured of my prayers and please pray for me!

Fr. Chris