Catholicism 101 with Deacon Bill Proulx (RCIA & Adult Enrichment Series)

News November 29, 2022

Catholicism 101 for All with Deacon Bill Proulx (RCIA & Adult Enrichment Series)

Session #1 Wednesday, January 4, 2023, Why Catholic – Sharing Our Stories – 7 PM – 8 PM at the Parish Office (243 Neponset Ave.)

Join us and take a deep dive into the Catholic faith.  If you are a “cradle Catholic” or a newcomer exploring the faith for the first time, this is the group for you!  We’ll learn about the Mass, Sacraments, Bible, Saints, Church History, Ten Commandments, Catholic moral teaching, and more.  The key learning will be: “Why Catholic.”  Deacon Bill will host one-hour sessions over the upcoming weeks leading right up to Easter 2023.  If you’re a newcomer, this will prepare you for full entrance into the Church at Eastertime – visit the parish website for details about this program referred to as RCIA.  We’ll use Catholicism for Dummies as our study book and the Catechism of the Catholic Church as our primary source. Please feel free to purchase each online prior to the first session or any time after.  Hope to see you there! (Future dates and further information can be found under the Faith Formation link on our website. Our hope is to meet monthly on Wednesdays – weather permitting.)

To sign up/let us know you are coming – please email [email protected]

WEDNESDAYS, 7 to 8 pm at the Parish Office (243 Neponset Ave.) 

Session 1: January 4th     "Why Catholic – Sharing Our Stories" 

Session 2: January 18th     "The Word of God, the Bible" 

Session 3: February 1st     "The Commandments" 

Session 4: February 15th     "Why Jesus" 

Session 5: March 1st     "The Sacraments"

Session 6: March 8th     "Mary and the Saints"

Session 7: March 15th     "Prayer"

Session 8:  March 22nd     "Catholic Moral Teaching"

Session 9: March 29th     "The Mass"   

Holy Week:  RCIA candidates are encouraged to join us on Holy Thursday, and Good Friday.  They will then be initiated into the Church at the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening April the 8th.

Session 10: April 12th     "What Next as a Catholic?"